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New Year's Resolution: Getting or Staying fit!


New Year's Resolution 2017: Staying or Getting in Shape?

All of us have New Year's Resolution , to stay healthy, maybe loose some weight, or have our diabetes better under control.  In order to be successful, we need good Foot and Ankle health before we start. 

* adequate stretching

*proper shoe gear

*good arch support

*adequate diet

*safe terrain 

*reasonable expectation.

If you finally started and experience any of these symptoms, don't ignore pain , seek medical help. 

* ankle sprain:  needs to be properly treated and needs adequate rehab.

*stress fracture: may feel like a sprain initially , but if it continues to swell and stay painful, ask your doctor.

*tendinitis: if you have pain ,fatigue and swelling along the tendonds , consult your doctor.

* heel pain: mostly due to overuse and improper shoes. If icing and stretching does not help , seek for medical help before it becomes chronic. 

*ingrown nails: red swollen nail that are painful in closed shoes can prevent you from walking. 


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